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PEdro Cruz

Proud Belizean artist amidst vibrant Rhododendrons - Experience the creativity and beauty of Belize. Explore captivating artwork and rich cultural expressions. Click to immerse yourself in the artist's world.

Muralist &
Local Tour Guide

Pedro Cruz is a talented muralist from Belize who has been creating stunning works of art for over a decade.


With a passion for bringing beauty and inspiration to public spaces, Pedro has been commissioned to create murals in a variety of settings, including schools, community centers, and public buildings. His unique style combines vibrant colors, intricate designs, and meaningful themes, resulting in murals that are both visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Grand Prize Winner ($25,000) and feature of the 2004 CLICO art calendar contest, "12 Visuals of the Carribbean Dream," Pedro's work has received critical acclaim both locally and internationally, and he is widely recognized as one of Belize's most talented artists.​

He is also a beloved local tour guide in Belize, and his undeniable charm and friendly demeanor has gotten him roles on tv such as Ghost Adventures (2014), as well as rewards and recognition from his past employers, such as Princess Cruises.

Proud Belizean artist with award from CLICO's 2004 Art Calendar Competition - Celebrating excellence in artistry and creativity. Explore the award-winning artwork and the artist's remarkable journey. Click to discover the passion behind the masterpiece.

"When Belizean artist Pedro Cruz accepted CLICO's invitation to paint his vision of the Caribbean dream for the company's Regional 2004 Art Calendar Competition, little did he imagine he would be winning U.S. $25,000 prize.

Cruz is just back home from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad where he received his prize at a gala reception to launch the calendar at the Trinidad County Club, in Maraval, Port-of-Spain on December 1, 2004..."

"The twelve winning art pieces were displayed at Piarco International Airport in Trinidad from December 3 through the 20th..."

From Pedro:

"Well the picture depicts a beautiful Garifuna woman with a child. My life, it means that life of the lady that had an unfortunate situation with somebody and now has a child to take care of. Also, the word Esperanza is the name of a beautiful person, which also means hope in English. So a combination of that, why I picked that theme for my painting is just like many Caribbean countries, it’s a young beautiful country that we have, but because of foreign participation in our countries, like for example Britain and France, all these countries that abandoned us, they left us to take care of ourselves. And that is one of the issues that I used a lot and my emotional feeling when I was in the painting.”

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